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Thursday, October 16, 2003

I wish I had written this 

Bob Parks tells the truth about how liberals and more specifically black liberals treat any one who fails to toe the line.

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So which is it? 

Properwinston gives an interesting insight as to why black children lag behind academically. He delves into an interesting philosophy concerning the mindset of "oppressed" peoples and their failure to take responsibility for elevating themselves.

Interesting insight into the cult of victimhood. Give it a read.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Must have hit a nerve... Correction 

Apparently, I was mistaken about the page containing a certain slur against me. The insult actually remains public.

That's fine with me, since it only proves my point that race pimps treat any person with black ancestry who refuse to drink the kool-aid as a sell-out or uncle tom.

Thanks to Prometheus 6 for proving my point for me.
posted by Robert  # 3:27 PM

Must have hit a nerve... 

Here is the cached version of a page where I get referred to as a "crakka-ass-cracka" for defendining Rush Limbaugh's comments about Donovan McNabb.

How Creative.

Of course, leaving this statement out in the open would have only reinforced my very public view that blacks are just as racist as whites, so the page was edited.

Either your comments stand on their own or they don't. In either case, calling me names doesn't change the fact that you lack a coherent argument for your position.

posted by Robert  # 2:46 PM

Amen, brother 

Ward Connerly writes this column about how Prop. 54 was doomed almost from the start.

Ward, the words of a famous prophet from our past says it all:

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public... Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."
- Booker T. Washington
posted by Robert  # 10:54 AM

Yet again, the REAL reason they oppose vouchers 

Thomas Sowell relates his experience in Washington discussing school vouchers. The following statement is scary:

During a recent visit to Washington, I was told by a high official there that he had posed this question to Democrats: "Why are you so opposed to vouchers?"

The reply: "We aren't going to give you guys a victory."

Now that's scary. Rather than help the children, they'd prefer to win a fight. This gives the lie to the Liberal mantra "for the Children".

I laughed when I read this later on in the article:

One of the tragedies of the public schools is that they have become so enmeshed in bureaucratic rules and constrained by court decisions that they can do little to prevent a handful of classroom clowns and hoodlums from making it virtually impossible to educate other students in many ghetto schools.

Nor can public schools get rid of even a grossly incompetent teacher without administrative and legal processes that can drag on forever and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Public schools are also trapped in rigid hiring rules that keep out highly qualified people who have not suffered through enough mind-numbing education courses to be called "certified."

Private schools, and to some extent charter schools, escape these rigidities. Teachers' unions and others in the education establishment say that it is "unfair" that public schools have to compete with other institutions that do not have these and other bureaucratic and legal handicaps.

Hello!?!?! It was the Teachers' Unions that fought to have those very same bureaucratic and legal rules put in place to protect their jobs from the very competition they now face. That's like saying it's not fair for me to have to take the same vision test as the next guy because I poked my left eye out.

It also exposes a stunning denial of what makes private schools so effective. Teachers in private schools are typically subject matter experts, not "credentialed" teachers. A history teacher in a private school is more likely to have a history degree than a public school teacher in the same subject. So even though the private school teacher isn't "credentialed", who do you think is more qualified to teach the subject? But the teachers' union kept that very qualified person out because they required them to jump through flaming hoops to earn a dubious "certificate" saying that they can teach.

For years, the teachers' unions cried that they needed more money and smaller class sizes, and looser standards of accountability if they were going to teach effectively. Well, they got all that and more, and the results remain the same. Actions speak louder than words, that's why their words in opposition to vouchers ring so hollow. We know better now. Look at some job ads, you'll see that more and more companies are requiring degrees for even entry level positions. Of course, part of that is that they know a recent grad will work for damn near slave wages just to get employed, but the bigger part of it is that a good proportion of recent college grads have the equivalent of what I got as a high school education 16 years ago.

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Monday, October 13, 2003

What the media isn't telling us 

The Dissident Frogman writes today on the successes of the Coalition's rebuilding efforts in Iraq.

He has some pretty impressive stats:

1500 schools are now reopened
12,000 tons of medical supplies
22,000,000 (yes, that's six zeros) vaccinations given
14,000 km of irrigation canals cleared
100,000 jobs created

Read the whole thing
posted by Robert  # 12:45 PM

Leaving the Plantation 

Raoul Contreras writes about the Latino backlash against Grey Davis in the recall election.

Anyone who think they can take the Latino vote for granted now is a fool.

posted by Robert  # 11:36 AM

College Dems Gone Crazy 

Correction: I have been informed that Ashley Bell is a male. As such I have removed my reference to him as "hon". thanks to Mary for the correction.

Today's FrontPage has a good example of how Democrats will see the speck in the eye of the conservative, but fail to see the 2 x 4 in their own. It's also a pretty good view of how they honestly think of us uppity colored people who think for ourselves and refuse to stay on their plantation.

Here's the text of the memo in question:

We have less than a month before we convene in New Orleans at the biggest CDA Campaign Invasion in History. Registration has already exceeded South Dakota and our numbers are ahead of last years convention this far out to the event.

On Saturday - we nominated Kathleen Blanco the Lt. Governor to be our nominee to take on Bush's personal "Do Boy" Bobby Jindal. Jindal is Arab American and the Republicans token attempt to mend bridges long burnt with the Arab American community. With your help Blanco will be the first women Governor of Louisiana an already rarity for the Deep South. Blanco is a great example of our Parties ability to nominate great candidates without bowing to tokenism.

She fought off tooth and nail the southern good ole boy network in our own Party to pull together a winning coalition of women and minorities to place her on the verge of history.

The Lt. Governor is counting on us! As Jindal calls in the Bushes - she is calling on us the progressive foot soldiers of the Democratic Party - to take it to Bush and show Republicans what can happen when College Democrats get mobilized! Its not too late to sign up for the invasion - but because of overwhelming reservations we had to move hotels to the La Quinta Inn on the West Bank - a great location down town that can accommodate our entire army of activists. Details and directions to the new location will be on the website shortly - no price change what so ever.

Get excited - Less than a month to GO!!

See you in Bayou!!

Ashley D. Bell

CDA President

OK, let's start with the grammar and spelling. This is a college student?!?! Better go back to high school. To be fair, Mr. Bell did issue a correction stating that Mr. Jindal was in fact Indian, not Arab. But why bring it up in the first place? It's apparent that Mr. Bell thinks of Mr. Jindal as the Indian equivalent of a "house nigga", even though he does not express it in so many words. His description was to call Bobby Jindal "Bush's personal 'Do Boy'". Interestingly enough another student had this to say:

Kapil Sharma, an Indian-American and a Democrat told Talon News, "If that's what a token candidate is, I'll go out and support token candidates." He continued, "A token candidate would not have the impressive credentials that Jindal has."

Sharma added, "For us as Democrats to play the race card goes against everything we stand for."

Mr. Sharma, I applaud your first statement as it shows that you at least have a mind of your own. However, the last statement betrays either a complete denial or a stunning lack of ignorance about the very character of your chosen political party. The Democratic Party has done nothing but play the race card for the last 30 years either by portraying it's opponents as racists, or by attempting to scare colored folks into voting for them by raising the specter of the return of Jim Crow if they don't.

posted by Robert  # 10:51 AM


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