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Friday, September 05, 2003

One Man's Stand 

Clayton Cramer is boycotting Amazon.com because they have refused to stop selling the book "Understanding loved boys and Boylovers" In his blog, When presented with the question of how Amazon would vet books for such offensive material, Clayton says:

"I'm not interested in hearing from any of the 160,000 people that bought Boylovers and want to convince me that they are just like you and me. My mind is closed on this subject. Pedophiles need treatment, not support. If caught in the act, they need to stop, submit to arrest, or die."

Sorry Clayton, I gotta disagree with you on this one. I believe the only treatment a pedophile needs is a 9mm slug to the back of the head. Sorry if that seems neanderthal to some of you, but I will kill or die to protect my 3 cubs if need be.
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It's the democracy, stupid 

Thanks to Samizdata.net for this story on what we are fighting in Iraq.

I just hope we have the guts to pull the trigger if it ever came time to use nukes...
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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Finally, someone gets it 

Reuters reports that Yahoo! News - Universal Music is cutting CD Prices.

From the story:

"Our research shows that the sweet spot is to sell our records below $12.98,' said Universal Music president Zach Horowitz. "We're confident that when we implement this we will get a dramatic and sustained increase."

Well, duh.

What will be most interesting is to see what effect this price cut has on artist advances. Here's a good link to some of the more spectacular contract signings. Keep in mind that a lot of this money gets paid to the artist before they record a single note; which in effect, asks the consumer to subsidize their gambling habits. Well, the consumer balked. They downloaded and copied to their heart's content. They refused to pay for crap. They refused to pay for a CD containing one good song and a lot of fluff. The consumer spoke, but the recording industry didn't listen. Granted, keeping the recording industry flush in money does guarantee to a small extent that some worthy artists will get some exposure. But the sad reality is, NARAS execs and the blockbuster artists are going to see the bulk of that cash. On top of it, a good chunk of the money we spent on CDs got kicked back to retailers for promotional subsidies. There was a bit of a stink a while back when some retailers tried to cut prices. The industry was forced to end this practice.

The industry cried, "But we are representing the artists!" This was a load of BS because anyone who knows anything about the business knows that artists make the majority of their money by touring and endorsements. Unless you are a big name artist, you can expect to collect little more than a pittance in terms of royalties. It's really rather sad because I have some CDs that are really great, but the artist didn't "sell", so they didn't get a new contract. And they get pennies on the dollar in terms of royalties. This is why a good number of big name artists start their own labels. Just to name a few:

Paisley Park/Prince
Def Jam/Russell Simmons (formerly of Run DMC)
Bad Boy/Sean "P-Diddy" Combs

The problem is, ya gotta have a lot of money to do that. Most artists don't. My examples are probably not very good ones, since these were once small artist labels that have grown into big labels. But there are many more out there that are less well known.

Janis Ian has a two part article that she wrote on this. I came across the article while reading a story about music downloads on Tech Central.

Here's the links:
Part 1
Part 2

After reading this, it's hard to feel sorry for any record company execs. Damn, they might actually have to keep the Mercedes longer than 2 years...

Not that I'm trying to justify downloading music, (I majored in Broadcast Communications, for goodness sake) but when you see artists getting 8-figure advances and NARAS execs with $2,000,000 annual salaries, it's kind of hard to swallow the line that the record business is hurting because of piracy. Then you read about how they try to screw the artists via legislation and changes to copyright law.

I saw that Seal's new album comes out next week. Warner is allowing folks to download the first single for $1.49. This is a good step in the right direction. Is Warner seeing the light also? That remains to be seen.

Kudos to Universal for listening and responding to the consumer. The rest of you, take note.

posted by Robert  # 3:54 PM

Over my head... 

Man, sometimes life gets downright crazy. Trying to get some time to blog is....

Mrs. Mulatto has been trying to get me working on the website for our new business.

I just cured the swimming pool of a case of algae. If you think this is no big deal, try living in San Bernardino County with three kids in the dead of summer with no pool.

I spent way too much time diagnosing a hard drive problem on my Linux workstation at home last night. The drive is 6.4 gigs but I couldn't use anything beyond 2.1 gig. I just about wanted to chuck the thing through the window when I discovered the issue. Damn Fujitsu hard drives... Why can't they only require one jumper like Maxtor or Western Digital or Seagate?

My older two just started back to school.

I've been putting in 10 hours a day at my regular job churning out a friggin' ream of documentation for the systems management project we're putting in place. They should change my job title if this crap keeps up. Instead of a programmer, I'm a damn tech writer. No slight intended to tech writers intended, I just happen to like writing code, not documentation.

Finally got a chance to wash the inch thick coat of dust off of my poor Mirage.

In the meantime, my baby sister is going to the friggin' Bahamas in two weeks. Ain't life grand?

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Giving Props 

Check out the updated blogroll. Good reads, all worthy of attention.
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Let No One Forget 

Pejman has a great thought for the upcoming anniversary of the Sept. 11 2001, terrorist attacks.

I was watching FOXNews the other night when they were reporting that some of the families were protesting the fact that the towers were being rebuilt. They apparently want the footprints left undeveloped as a memorial to the victims.

To those people I say:
Your relatives are part of what made this country great. They led productive, fruitful lives. They paid taxes and raised families. Empty ground symbolizes none of that. The best tribute we could build to the memory of your loved ones is a new pair of towers.

We will show the world that the spirit that your loved ones embodied lives on. We refuse to wallow in grief and impotence. We will build two new towers, taller and stronger than the ones destroyed. This will be their tribute.

I'm sorry if you disagree, but I just don't see how an empty piece of ground symbolizes anything but grief and defeat.
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I love this guy... 

If you havent checked out Kim du Toit's blog, check it out.
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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Truth is a @#%!^ isn't it? 

Pejman with the help of Tacitus debunks the excuses and obfuscation surrounding Cruz Bustamante's link to MEChA. There are lots of links to back up the arguments.

It's a long read, but it's worth it.
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Yet another reason... 

InstaPundit links to a story that shows why the Second Amendment is still relevant in today's society.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I plead the First... 

David Limbaugh shows how those who claim to defend our rights actually violate them.
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The Difference 

Joel Mowbray shows us the difference between Israelis and the Arabs who seek to destroy them.

Frankly, the Palestinians don't deserve a country of their own until they can act with peace and civility instead of hatred and violence.
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