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Friday, August 22, 2003

The difference 

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz shows us the difference between Israelis and those who seek to destroy them.
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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Double Standards 

Michele Malkin helps expose the difference in treatment between Schwarzenegger and Bustamante in today's WorldNetDaily.

Arnold's dad was a Nazi, Arnold was not. Bustamante was a member of a patently racist organization, Arnold was not. Yet Arnold gets hammered for his dad's affiliation while Bustamante gets a pass.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

You have got to be kidding... 

Robert Scheer agrees with Warren Buffet that Californians aren't paying enough taxes on their property.

Let the fisking begin...

First, Mr. Scheer claims that Prop. 13 "gutted the core funding source upon which every other state relies to provide public services."

Wrong in TWO ways. First, Prop. 13 capped property taxes at 2% and limited reassessments. This did not "gut" anything. It simply put an end to unrestrained spending by local governments. The people put their municipalities on a diet. Fund only what's necessary and no more, and there shouldn't be a problem, should there? It's only when government exceeds it's mandate or plans poorly that funding problems arise. Secondly, property taxes in California are the source of income for counties and municipalities, not the state. Here in California we have the ability to raise money for our cities when we need it. In fact, the community where I live passed a bond 2 years ago to help fund our school district. To pay the bonds, a property levy of $130 a year was added to our property taxes. The reason this works is that the municipalities have to justify the increase to the community, and if the community doesn't think it's a priority, then it doesn't go. We the people have the final say.

In the column, Buffet makes the ridiculous comparison in the property tax rates between his homes in Nebraska and California. Supposedly, the taxes on his $500,000 house in Omaha went up $1920.00 this year.
Well, Mr. Buffet, I have news for ya, $1,920.00 is only .38 of one percent of the assessed value of your home. The average Southern California homeowner who bought their home within the last year will pay more than that every 6 months. Also, Nebraska has a population less than half of the city of Los Angeles. California has a population of almost 40 million. A little perspective helps, huh?

In fact Scheer undermines his own argument in the 6th paragraph when he brings up the fact that Californians were able to take advantage of low interest rates and the rising value of their homes by leveraging the untaxed equity to buy things and make improvements. He even goes so far as to say that it helped the state from falling into a recession. News flash - the state is in a recession, despite the increased consumer spending. What tax-and-spend liberals need to realize is that every dime spent got taxed in some fashion, thus producing more tax revenue, and kept people employed, which helped keep income tax revenues stable. (Never mind that it is taxation that is driving jobs out of the state, thus reducing tax revenue)

He further claims that the capital gains exemption that people get produces a gap in class division. Well, that's too bad Mr. Scheer, some of us worked hard to get where we're at. Why in the world would I have toiled in college and worked hard to advance at work if I couldn't live better than a janitor or a waiter? Oh, and guess what? Most homeowners could not be considered "rich" by any stretch of the imagination.

Mr. Scheer claims:

"Hard-line ideological Republicans have tried for three decades to strangle the money supplies of states and municipalities to force cuts in services: public schools open to every child, even the disabled; public transit and roads; clean air and water; public safety and health; emergency preparedness; a functioning judicial system; recreation areas and parks."

Republicans have fought not to strangle funding, but to restrain it. The strangulation sound you hear is the government struggling to grow beyond what is healthy. Any cuts in these programs have come because some municipalities have chosen to place their priorities elsewhere, doing a disservice to their residents.

Finally Scheer opines that, "We don't need to recall Davis, who is not the problem. We do need to re-create a political culture where the role of government is respected and properly funded."

No, Mr. Scheer, we need to create a political culture that places limits on what our government does on a daily basis, because they have consistently shown that they do not represent us. We need to create a political culture that rejects the ever increasing reach of government into our daily lives...

and our bank accounts.
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Slowing Down for Simple Pleasures 

I've been so damn busy lately. I was in the garage looking for a tool when I ran across a dusty box of CDs I hadn't opened since we bought the house 3 years ago. Well, what should I find but one of my favorite Joe Sample Albums.

I had to listen. It was like being reunited with an old friend after years apart...
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Those Darn Rich People 

Donald Luskin gives the NYT's Paul Krugman a thorough fisking in today's NRO.

Krugman claims that tax cuts for the "rich" provided less revenue for the Government to use to fix the power grid, thus causing the blackout shenanigans we saw on the east coast.

Whatever grip Krugman seems to have had on reality has now slipped. I got a tax cut, I am not rich. And to clarify, there's a difference between rich people and high earners. Liberals and Democrats obviously can't tell the difference, since they love to tax the hell out of anyone making more than $60K a year.

I can tell you, $60K a year in California doesn't go very far, at least if you have a family. It may be fantastic money in the midwest, but here, after state and federal taxes, sales taxes, car taxes, property taxes and the like, you're actually living on something approaching $40K

It was the Reagan tax cuts and deregulation that paved the way for the prosperity bubble of the 90's. Because of those tax cuts, the middle class could, for the first time, become serious players in the stock market. Some won, others lost. The whole thing collapsed because a few folks got greedy and started cooking books, not because the Republicans cut taxes.

But I digress - what is painfully obvious is that Krugman and other professional Bush haters have ignored the fact that the President actually warned folks about the issues facing the power grid early on in his Presidency, and no one moved to fix it. So now, who's to blame?

Here in CA, we faced rolling blackouts and outages for years because our Leftists in Sacto kowtowed to the radical environmentalists and refused to OK the startup of any new power plants for almost 15 years, and in fact began the decommissioning process at the San Onofre Nuclear Plant. During last year's energy fiasco, there apparently were four new gas fired plants ready to come on line, but were strung up in red tape. So now, who's to blame?

If you look at energy problems and public infrastructure problems in general, and you dig deep enough, you will usually find a liberal/green policy at the root of it. Mr. Krugman, did you ever stop to consider that here in California, the cost of providing services for illegal immigrants for just one year could build a power plant?

It ain't about rich people, Mr. Krugman, it's about priorities.
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Get Well Soon 

Editor Binyamin Jolkovsky of Jewish World Review is in the hospital. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Recently Discovered 

The Hobbesian Conservative is now one of my guilty pleasures. A Conservative after my own heart.
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An Apple a Day... 

A Doctor writing in the Washington Dispatch has an excellent commentary on why Universal Health Care is a very bad idea.

Personally I have known quite a few Canadians with some great horror stories to share about their experiences in the Canadian Health Care System.
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Straight Talk 

Former CA Governor Pete Wilson talks straight with Rich Lowry on NRO

Note Pete's words on Prop 187. I only wish he had come right out and said what everybody knows - the courst overstepped their constitutional authority when they struck it down. Yet one more case of judicial legislation subverting the will of the people.
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Monday, August 18, 2003


Apologies to all of you who suffered through reading right justified text. I fixed the page.
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The Equality Equation 

Adam Abraham has a very good commentary on the Racial Privacy Initiative (Prop 54) pending here in CA.

< rant >

There are those who would try to scare folks into thinking that this will somehow spell doom for their chances to get decent jobs, homes and an education, but in reality that's all a smokescreen. What they are really interested in protecting is not the interests of people of color, but their own cushy jobs in the race pimping business. There is no good reason for the state to collect racial data.

The race pimps and their buddies in the Democratic Party have created a new plantation; one that folks are all too happy to stay on because they believe their needs are being met. As long as a few jobs and spots in school are set aside, everybody's happy. What a joke.

The sad reality is, the "glass ceiling" exists because of the so called "civil rights" advocates, not in spite of them. The politically incorrect and unspoken reality is that many people of color - very capable people of color; cannot advance because of the perception that they got their positions due to lowered standards. This in effect creates the impression that they are not qualified because they didn't have to meet the same standard that a white or an asian person did. Just because a black or latino kid doesn't get into UCLA or USC doesn't mean he's being denied an education, it just means that maybe he or she should go to a Junior College first. In fact, by allowing people of color to enter University without meeting the required standards means one of two things:

Standards will have to be lowered to allow that person to "succeed", thus providing said person with a substandard education,

- OR-

You will increase the chances that person will fail, which in turn increases the likelyhood that they will drop out and never gain that education.

It seems likely to me that the first option is the route that has been taken. I have had the chance lately to have a civil debate with some recent college students and grads. To a one, they seemed to lack the necessary critical thinking skills to frame a coherent argument, lapsing instead into lame, pathetic diatribes about racism and the ephemeral "white privilege". One had the audacity to claim that the SAT and high school exit exams were racist, and she was white! When I asked her to explain to me how asking a child to solve a math problem or form a paragraph using standard english (with correct puctuation and spelling) was racist, she just looked at me with a blank expression. All of the propaganda she had absorbed during her academic career didn't have an answer for reason and logic. She muttered something halfway intelligible about children of color getting an inferior education. Never mind that a lot of them reject that education because they want to "keep it real" or don't want to "act white".

The terms, "Social Justice" and "Civil Rights" have become nothing more than euphemisms for equal results without equal effort.

Booker T. Washington was a prophet. He and Ward Connerly have a lot in common I think. Unfortunately, they both are seen by the civil rights establishment as Uncle Toms and sellouts.

But Booker was dead on when he said:

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public... Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."

< /rant >

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