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Friday, August 08, 2003

Sniff, Sniff 

Mrs. Mulatto came down with whatever crud is coming around right now. I actually feel bad because I'm the one that gave it to her. Oh well, I'll telecommute today and play nurse.
posted by Robert  # 10:14 AM

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Complain, Complain, Complain... 

Al Sharpton is upset because the "white" media aren't giving him and Carol Moseley-Braun enough attention. I guess it's easier to blame your problems on racism than to admit that you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

Ironically, Al has a very good argument when he describes the way that Democrats treat black voters. Al says:

"The Democratic Party acts like we are their mistress that they have to hide, like we're some political scarlet whore rather than their respected partner." "Either we're going to have a healthy marriage or we're getting a divorce and marrying someone who will respect us. We will no longer allow ourselves to be screwed by the Democrats."

posted by Robert  # 12:26 PM

Got a pint for a soldier? 

WND reports that the military is facing a blood shortage. They especially need Type "O" donors.

Give 'till it hurts...
posted by Robert  # 12:12 PM

Firebird Rocks! 

For some crazy reason, I keep getting publishing errors when I update this thing using IE 6. Switched to Mozilla Firebird and all is well. I knew there was a reason I kept two browsers on my PC...
posted by Robert  # 12:08 PM

My kind of Guy 

Rachel Lucas has a really cool story about why the Second Amendment is still relevant even in today's society.
posted by Robert  # 11:54 AM

What'$ in a name? 

Lowell Ponte has an interesting idea about the current flap about naming hurricanes on frontpagemag.com.

My question is, with the current complaints about all of the negative stereotyping of Black Americans, why would a black congresswoman of all people want "Black" names associated with something negative?
posted by Robert  # 11:01 AM

Get your scorecards ready... 

Here's the preliminary list of candidates in the California Recall.

Care to throw your hat in the ring? $3500 and 65 signatures will get you in.
posted by Robert  # 10:31 AM

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

You call that hot? 

Seems the folks in England are having a hard time beating the heat. Sorry for my lack of sympathy, but here in sunny Southern California, it's been pretty much above 90 all summer. In fact, it's been downright mild so far.
posted by Robert  # 5:06 PM

Hello World! 

Being a programmer by trade, I've seen my fair share of "hello world" exercises. Well, I'm saying "hello world!" with my first solo attempt at blogging. My previous ramblings can be seen over at calblog
posted by Robert  # 4:25 PM


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